about the lyrics

Most of angelfield's lyrics were written by Brian. There's probably a story behind each and every song that he wrote - some we will never know.

Brian's love of manatees inspired a couple of songs. Newton was the name of a young Manatee that could not be saved, while Florida Light and Power is a utility company around whose power plants hundreds of mantees congregate during the winter.

Brian's working life was involved with maps - Key/Words is full of cartographic references, and specific monuments or locations crop up in a number of songs. The Caractacus Stone is a standing stone on Exmoor, Dead Maids is in Wiltshire, and Freefall references Marble Hill in Twickenham.

Gypsy Boy is inspired by funfairs, and the Hog Roast Girl worked on Brighton pier ('alone above the sea'). Simon Paleface was a cat, and angelfield was written by Brian while watching a film on TV with the sound down - what film though I didn't think to ask.

Brian said once that it really didn't matter what he was singing, or if anyone could hear the words or not. But thankfully we did manage to get him to write most of his lyrics down. Choose from the list on the right.

"Summer fuels the childhood dreams of nature taken to extremes..."

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