smiling sits behind a mirror / polishing a gun
coldly draws around the eyes / but burning up inside
in black and white / a second skin of lace falls softly to the floor
shining like a snake / she steps outside / the day begins
this is what she's waited for

we're out on angelfield / we're out on angelfield again

all alone a man sits waiting / staring into blue
motionless a fleeting statue / not knowing what the hell to do
the sharpened swords of grass are crashing / swaying in the breeze
a shadow steps out of the sun / silhouette between tall trees

so silently / so painlessly / she takes away a life
in sympathy as cigarette falls / rolls quickly out of sight

a tongue of smoke curls up / and tastes the warm fresh air
she turns away / begins to walk / runs her fingers gently through her golden hair

she walks alone / she sleeps alone / it's easy when the love has gone
never answers the telephone / never feels the need to
come back home

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