walking out on common land / found you lying on the
sand / as the tide turns / the current changes make a
new demand / from across the severn sea / from beyond
this galaxy / through the dark nights / you sail the
solar winds to be with me

paint the picture / print the words / underline and
rearrange / until the meaning blurs / from storybook
to magazine / between the lines / behind the screen

saint alien

do you see through almond eyes / spread your gospel
through the wires / now the world can / watch your
constellation / i'm suprised / that you chose me from
afar / just another bleeding heart / now the word is /
so sublime that it's tearing us apart

as I slip from your embrace / leave me in a state of
grace / as the tide turns / the current changes shine
upon your face / do the light years have to end / now
i've lost my stranger friend / if i sleep now / i'll
find the deeper messages you send

stay awake just to watch you sleeping / mark the pages
that you've been reading / find the chapters that haunt
the passion / tell the truth about how we get on /
without touching / without feeling / spell the sentence
but lose the meaning

Copyright angelfield © 1999- forever