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tread the snow on marble hill / footsteps mark the
passing of your hours / clock stands still / still the
clock stands in the green / broken face looks down
between the willing and the will

into freefall / losing words / losing rhyme / losing
sight / time to kiss the world goodnight

cries of children start your day / with promises / but
only disappointment on the way / from hollywood to
disneyland / still looking for a holy man to tell you
/ it's ok

into freefall / no more hope / we just cry / time to
tell the world goodbye

the simple decorations / are consolation in a way

find a way to ease the pain / sometimes you have to cut
away the feelings / to feel again / the tender lips
brush damaged skin / to heal the wounds that lie within
/ only the scars remain

into freefall / find a dawn at the edge of the
night / time to set the world alight / lose the fear
/ lose the anger that's been burning the whole of your
life / beyond your shortest day / the new year's
shining bright

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