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Mon 17th November 2003
Well, it had to happen, but has gone belly up - so no more Angelfield tracks to download. I expect we'll find a new music hosting site at some point. Just not today...
If you're feeling nostalgic for our page click here.

Sat 26th July 2003
You're most welcome
Nice to see so many old friends, and some new friends too, at the Halfmoon last night. Despite the curse of Angelfield meaning that the other two planned bands didn't play, surprise last-minute support act Fur played a great set of acoustic heartfelt noodlings. Meanwhile, Angelfield were still struggling to remember our signature song that we wrote 'before some of the audience were born'. Probably our biggest audience in a while, mainly due to all of the Sideburner contingent turning up in any case - much appreciated!
Thanks too to Al for the loan of the best amp in West London! We'll return the favour if ever he fancies playing through a 10 watt amp covered in carpet. Or a toaster.

Fri 23rd May 2003
Reborn in Putney!!
It's true - Angelfield shall return to the Halfmoon for the first live appearance since 2001... Come along and celebrate Lynne's birthday in style, and witness the majesty of the mighty FIELD...!

Fri 18th October 2002
Halfmoon date unconfirmed...
Rumours abound concerning a 2003 comeback gig...

Fri 18th December 2002
Angelfield sit this one out...
It seems increasingly unlikely that Angelfield will be performing in 2002.

Mon 15th October 2001
Halfmoon date confirmed...
Yes, the traditional Angelfield winter appearance will be at the Halfmoon in Putney. Pop this in your diaries - 8th December, on stage 9.30, 4.00 on the door - see you there...!

Sun 23rd September 2001
We finally got round to updating the lyrics section of this site. New additions include 'The Level', 'The Ultimate Lure' and '2nd Sunny Day'...

Sun 9th September 2001
We're back!!!
...and we're just the same as ever!!
With the drummer's arm now back in working order (we hope) - we're ready to start rehearsals in preparation for our traditional Winter tour! We'll be appearing at the Halfmoon in December, and this time we're second on the bill (that way we don't keep missing out on last orders at the bar....)

Summer 2001
Taking a break...
We're taking a break right now - mainly due to the fact that Ian has broken his arm... Don't hold your breath for any acoustic appearances either...

Wed 7th December 2000
Using Winamp???
Now you can customize your Winamp player with an exclusive Angelfield SKIN. Click here to download Then simply unzip into your Winamp skins directory - probably somewhere like C:/Program Files/Winamp/Skins .

Sat 4th November 2000
Greetings from the Angelfield #1 Fan!
Full marks and two house points for Carole - it was a bit too far for her to make the trip to Putney (from Texas!) but big thanks for phoning the venue as we were setting up to wish us all good luck!

Sat 4th November 2000
Halfmooning again
Another gig in the bag, keeping up our average of 4 live shows a year. Hard to say how well it went really - mixed reviews from the band, but at least the audience seemed fairly pleased. I was certainly filled with an enormous sense of well-being....
That's probably the last appearance this year, we're going to do some more recording before Christmas, and then write some new material for some more gigs in 2001!!

Also, it was nice to see some of James' old school chums turning up for the gig - they found out about the band from this very site - the power of the internet!! and extra respect to Richard Bray for coming to see us all the way from Oxford!!

Sun 8th October 2000
New song shocker!
Trusty bass-work meant that another new song (provisionally titled 'The Ultimate Lure') is pretty much in the bag for the November Halfmoon gig. Should be a crowd-pleaser.

Mon 18th September 2000
A New Look at
Our MP3 site has had a bit of a face-lift. Loads of new songs have been added to a brand new compilation CD called simply 'ANGELFIELD'. This CD includes all 4 tracks from the 'exhibitnumberone' EP as well as eight more songs, so anyone who missed out on the EP can make up for it by ordering this new CD online.

Sun 10th September 2000
New Song!
A top new song emerged at the latest rehearsal, satisfying the band's demand for more shoegazey anthems. Chances are that everyone will have completely forgotten it by the next rehearsal.

Fri 18th August 2000
Angelfield CD EP!
The lucky punters at the Halfmoon gig on were the first to get their hands on the Angelfield 'Exhibit #1' EP!
Take a look at the CD in the discography section.

Fri 18th August 2000
Angelfield Headline Gig
Our first headline at the Halfmoon went well - and at least none of the bands on the bill split up before reaching the venue. Great support from Iguana (aka Natural ShoeShop) - very pleasant! They have tracks available at too ( Also top rocking support from Fishbelly White. I think we inherited quite a few of their fans who stayed to see us - so the turnout was pretty good. Thanks to everyone who came along - and especially those who bought our CD :)
Angelfield managed to get it back after a dreadful pre-gig rehearsal during which we managed to forget how to play most of our songs. Still, it's the threat of the unexpected that makes it all worthwhile!

August 2000
Recording completed...
Our 4 song EP is finished now - a thousand thanks to James Willment at Silvermere Sound for his patience, advice and hospitality during our stay at his studio in the country! And thanks to the Surge Studio guys for the mastering!

Sat 15th July 2000
All this, and Nasty Nick too...
Angelfield had a cracking gig at the Halfmoon again - this time supporting Eastenders bad boy 'nasty' Nick Cotton. Once again the Angelfield curse meant that the second band split up before reaching the venue, leaving the limelight shared between the mighty Field and Altman. Since the second band had dropped out, Angelfield were given the chance to extend their set and play a few extra numbers - but sadly didn't know any more songs...
The Angelfield set was greeted with enthusiasm. Initial reports suggest that at one point a single cigarette lighter was waved about a bit.

A few pictures from this memorable night are available here
Fri 30th June 2000
Get ready to rock...
The moment has finally arrived... Angelfield enter the recording studio tomorrow to embark on their first 'official' E.P.! It's nearly a year since the first rumours (see below - 16th July 1999!) and although we've changed the venue to a studio near Ripley, we're still planning to do the same four songs that we decided last year. It's been a long time coming - let's hope it's not a long time gone...the last time most of us got together in a proper recording studio was early 1983.
If we leave it another 17 years it'll be ... no ... sorry ... it really doesn't bear thinking about!
Thu 29th June 2000
Blasts from the past...
Bloody wait ages for a visitor to this website and then two come along at once!!! By some strange coincidence, they are both featured in the sprawling Angelfield rock family tree. Firstly, thanks to Grant Kitchener for getting in touch after 15 years to fill in some detail on some of the bands he was in, and introducing us to the delights of Love Buffalo !

Also, we now have some more info about Act On Impulse courtesy of Gary Chippington, who may not realise that he was also in the same class at school as the Angelfield keyboardist!

what are the chances of that happening???
Fri 7th April 2000
Hello Putney!
On a night which seemed jinxed from the outset, Angelfield manage to escape unscathed. Sadly, the first casualties were our good pals Medication, who failed to appear - apparently the band have split up. And it turned out also to be the last appearance of Fat Kid who have also just disbanded!
Still, Angelfield managed to warm up the evening with a short but perfectly formed set, including first outings for some new material and an unexpected version of 'Shane' from the archives! By all accounts we sounded quite good!! Fuelled by this sudden burst of activity, we are now thinking of a return to the Half Moon in June..
Sun 5th March 2000
HalfMoon Gig confirmed!!
Next Angelfield live appearance will be at the at the Half Moon in Putney, on the 7th April 2000. We'll do a half hour set from 8.45pm to 9.15pm, supporting Fat Kid and Medication.
Tue 11th January 2000 review
'Light, airy Brit Pop doused with washes of gossamer Dream Pop. London's angelfield mix straight-ahead guitar pop sweetness with lush keyboard strains and lazy vocals.'
Mon 10th January 2000
Web Site Visitors...
It's officially a global phenomenon! We have now received visits to this site from (in order of popularity) Australia, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Netherlands, Malaysia, Mexico, Belgium, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Russian Federation, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, France & Hong Kong !
Needless to say, they all arrived here by accident and probably didn't stay too long. Ho hum.
Fri 3rd December 1999
MP3's now available...
Angelfield now have a site at!!
Why not visit download some songs for your enjoyment. The more hits we get, the higher we appear in the charts. 'All I Know' is currently languishing at number 1012 in the Alternative General chart. Clearly there's a tremendous buzz starting already!!!
Sun 7th November 1999
Back in the rehearsal studios again...this time experiencing the joy of playing to a click track...
Sat 6th November 1999
A visit to Henley....
Ian, Mike and Lynne took a visit to The Doghouse Studios in Henley - to see if it suits the needs of the mighty Angelfield. Despite the power of in-car satellite navigation, we arrived several hours late, but had a good mooch about. The studio is apparently being used currently by an all-girl band who's identity remained undisclosed....
Angelfield will hope to book up a week in the studio in the new year, so long as the Bunnymen don't beat us to it....
Sun 24th October 1999
Still rehearsing....
Another fine session at Survival - concentrating on the four songs that we hope to record later in the year (looks like we've missed the latest October deadline...).
The songs we're working on are : 'All I Know' (the classic jangler - check out the lyrics here), 'Newton' (pompous rock), and two new ones - 'Dead Maids' (the slow one) and 'Exhibit #1' (the fast one)...
October 1999
Happy Birthday!
It's the birthday season! Firstly, many happy returns to Brian on the 7th! And also to Mr.A (James' and Mike's Dad) on the 7th too! And happy birthday to James on the 25th!
That pretty much wraps up the band birthdays until the next batch next March...
Sun 15th August 1999
New Songs!
Another rehearsal at Survival Studios. Today we worked on some new material - three songs in all, possible crowd-pleasers. We may decide to record one or two of them in preference to some of our older material when we go into the recording studio, although it now looks as though that's been put back to October. Hopefully we might accomplish something by the next millennium....
Sun 18th July 1999
Big foot
Brian wasn't able to make it to rehearsals after all - as he's got a big gouty foot....but the rest of the band bravely continued and started work on two new songs. I just hope that we can remember them for next time.
Fri 16th July 1999
Rehearsals continue...
The band are in the studio again this weekend, working on material for a possible recording session in September. The plan is to record 3 or 4 tracks at the Doghouse Studios in Henley-on-Thames (which is where Echo and the Bunnymen recorded the 'Evergreen' album).
Wed 14th July 1999
Lynne has just passed her piano exam with merit!!. This, of course, now makes her the most highly qualified member of the band at their own instrument. (Mike's violin doesn't count - it was all a very long time ago..)

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