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Due to catastrophic amounts of spam arriving every day at Angelfield HQ, I've had to take steps...

Firstly - I've closed down the e-mail addresses angelfield@longreachmusic and angelfield@ukgateway- if you send anything to those addresses, it won't reach anyone, it'll get bounced right back at ya. I've left the links active, so that any roaming 'bots will waste just a little bit of time fruitlessly trying to tell me that my penis is too small. Which it isn't incidentally.

So, instead you can use the e-mail address below -
use this instead
You'll notice that it's not a link - it's an image, so hopefully the spiders that trawl the internet for e-mail addresses won't pick it up and deluge me with crap about viagra, low-rate mortgages, DVD copying software, pissing teens etc. etc. etc...
I have never ever purchased anything as a result of an unsolicited e-mail. EVER. And I never will. EVER. And if I start getting any spam on the above POP3 account, I'll just delete it and make a new one. And I'm going to keep doing it until my Inbox is entirely free of bollocks messages.

I thank you
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