The Glass Engine
Dust off your espadrilles, it's 80's night!!

The Glass Engine has become one of the leading 80's clubs in town. If you remember wearing a big Bunnymen overcoat in the height of summer, or ever owned a pair of blue pixie-boots, then you'll feel young again at The Glass Engine!!

appearing soon at The Glass Engine
note : all of these bands feature one or more members from their original 80's line-up....
(for legal reasons Pan Stique are unlikely to be playing in the foreseeable future)

More 80's throwbacks here
Why not do a strange 80's dance in our basement club 'JU-JU'. You can jiggle and sway to the most mournful sounds imaginable. Our licenced bar is available until 1.00am, but continues to serve Quattro until 2.00!!
In association with SLIDERS , NORTONS , TIDDLYWINKS and The Double Top Club
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